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Decompression LED Spinning Pen

Decompression LED Spinning Pen

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Introducing the Decompression Pen LED Spinning Pen – a versatile fidget toy perfect for kids, students, and even office use. This unique pen offers a twist on traditional writing tools, providing a soothing and engaging way to alleviate stress. Its rotating design and LED feature make it a fantastic addition to classrooms, offices, or as a rewarding gift. While it may not be your go-to writing instrument, it serves as a creative outlet for fidgeting and relaxation. Elevate your work or study environment with this innovative decompression tool, offering a blend of functionality and playful relief.




Color: Black; Blue; Green; Red; Purple
Battery: Cell Batteries(Included)
Material: Plastic + Metal + Silicone
Total Length: Approx. 21.2cm/8.34in
Max Diameter: Approx. 14mm/0.55in
Weight: Approx. 25g


Package Includes:
1 Pc Colorful Spinning Pen

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